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Thank you for stopping by at our web site. Starting on April 1st, 2017, we at Nuclear Translation Services will relocate to Japan to provide translation services. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries.

Nuclear Translation Services

No business or scientific exchange can take place between people from different countries and cultures without a crystal clear mutual understanding of the roles, responsibilities, safety procedures, final outcomes, governing laws and commercial terms if any. This is particularly true in the nuclear field, because of the critical nature of the material itself and related safety concerns for both the material and relevant processes.

Given that most international business and other nuclear projects use interpreters and translators as the communication channel by which they reach mutual understandings, you must ensure that your translators and interpreters meet the same standards of excellence and ZERO DEFECTS that everything else related to nuclear work requires. This is no job for amateurs.

Nuclear Translation Services provides nuclear-related translation/interpretation/editing services such as:

  • Scientific projects or exchanges
  • Recycling of nuclear materials
  • Safety regulations in Japan or USA
  • Transportation of nuclear and spent nuclear materials
  • Reactor refueling

Nuclear Translation Services provides other technical translation/interpretation/editing services such as:

  • Technology- or product-related translation/editing for law firms for pre-litigation or litigation projects
  • FEMA related disaster decision support software for rescue and disaster response
  • Technical translation/interpretation for trade shows
  • Translation/Editing of commercial documents

Nuclear Translation Services is the company you can depend on for precise, accurate, translation/interpretation/editing of Japanese to English or English to Japanese.

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